BW Xtreme Sports aims to be an industry leader, providing only the best quality products tried and tested in house. BW Xtreme Sports is poised to be your one stop shop for all things adventure, outdoor, off-road, and more.
Born out of personal passion for all things extreme, our team of Xtreme sports enthusiasts love to try each product we sell, always looking for the perfect solution to all those common adventure needs. With an increasing catalog of products and gradual growth of manufacturer relationships, BW Xtreme sports is expanding its reach into new extreme sports each and every day. From motocross and off-roading to camping and hiking our brand is proud to offer one of the largest online sales portals for outdoor products. Our key to success is our ability and constant effort to change and adapt with the times, anticipating and recognizing the needs of our customers, generation after generation. Join our family of Xtreme Sporters and make us your loyal supplier, no matter what you need, if it is extreme, we can provide it to you. With abilities to ship directly from our manufacturer and having a large quantity of on hand inventory, our ability to deliver our services fast are just another reason why BW Xtreme Sports is the difference maker you’ve been looking for.
Customers rely on us when they need a product quickly, so we do everything we can to keep your weekend adventures alive. We don't just provide tried and tested products; we also offer valuable extreme sport knowledge. Our team of passionate staff are always available to help in any way possible. Exploring the great outdoors and our great range of products, our team prides themselves on knowing the ins and outs of the best products we offer. If we offer it, we would use it ourselves, that's why if you're having trouble locating the perfect part we're here to help. Growth and expansion are at the forefront of our mission, that's why we would love to hear from you with recommendations and suggestions on what extreme sport world to enter next.
About our Founder, Christian Bundschuh has a vision to bring to the industry something it hasn't seen before. As an avid off-roader, skydiver, jet skier, mountain adventurer and more, Cj is always looking for the best products to increase his extreme adventure while also ensuring high levels of safety. Founded in 2021, BW Xtreme Sports is the passion project born out of necessity. With constant frustration and challenges scrolling through the endless catalogs of online extreme sports stores, Cj envisioned a place that provided a full range of adventure products while also trusting the quality and service provided. Only a few months later BW Xtreme Sports was launched, branching off of an industry trusted international fastener supply company, BW Industrial Sales. These family-owned companies are proud to offer only the best in customer service and satisfaction across the nation.
Looking for an extreme sports partner? We have a team of adventure lovers and a fully stocked website just for you. BW Xtreme sports will go the extra mile to make your adventure the best it can be. We are here to assist in any way we can, please contact our team and explore our wide range of products today!