Tried and Tested Manufacturers and Suppliers
Our desire to provide the best products and service to our customers is at the forefront of our decision when partnering with manufacturers and suppliers. With a requirement to prove claims of tried and tested parts, we partner with only the best the industry has to offer. First having to pass our large quality checklist before being added to our available products, It isn’t accepted until it gains our Xtreme stamp of approval. Our trusted supply and manufacturer partnerships include industry favorites like, Adventure Medical, Afterbite, Ben’s, Counter Assault, Easy Care, Genuine First Aid, Natrapel, QuikClot, RapidPure, Ready4, SOL, The Itch Eraser, Tusk Off-road, Pro Eagle, BW industrial Sales, and more. That’s why we are proud to say all our products are ready to go on any adventure you take them.