After the devastating impacts of a global pandemic, with lockdowns and restrictions prohibiting normal activities, we are confident that the adventure and extreme sport industries will bounce back and surpass previous popularity.

As more people flock outside to regain that amazing feeling of freedom, we expect an increase in demand as well as an influx of newly created outdoor activities. With the inevitable need for more providers and bigger and better service, BW Xtreme Sports is always broadening its range of products by increasing industries that we partner with and serve. Prioritizing the need to be on the leading edge of all newly created and popular recreational and extreme activities, BW continues to build its relationship with worldwide suppliers of all the latest adventure trends. Already partnering with several industry leading suppliers, we offer thousands of tried and tested products across dozens of industries including: Outdoor Recreation, Extreme Sporting, Motorsports, and other recreational focused industries, always pushing to expand our brand footprint.
We want to work with our customers to bring them the products they want and need. If you would like to see a specific product, sport type, or industry showcased on our website please reach out to our team and we will do everything we can to make that happen. Contact us today and let us know your favorite way to take your outdoor adventures to the Xtreme!

Outdoor Recreation - Wide range of outdoor activities including, fishing, hiking, camping, general exercise, and more.
Motorsports - This industry is full of motor enthusiasts, ranging from 4x4 off-roading, dirt bikes, ATVs, and more.
Extreme Sports - Huge list of high adrenaline activities including, BMX, Skydiving, motocross, jet skiing, and much more.